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Munster Bar, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Co. Kerry

Tel: +353 (0) 66 7123257
Fax: +353 (0) 66 7180601
Proprietor: John O'Sullivan

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About Us

The Munster Bar, Tralee, was opened in 1875 and derived its name from its proximity to the Ballymullen Army Barracks which was home to the "Munster Fusiliers" Brigade of the British Army. The Brigade distinguished itself in many battles as far away as India, the Boer War and the First World War. The Munster Bar is situated about half a mile from Tralee town centre - it is renowned as a "sports mad" bar. Whether you love soccer, rugby, greyhound racing, gaelic football or golf, our three T.V.'s (large) won't disappoint and you won't be short of debate with our many resident "experts".

The O'Sullivan family are steeped in trad, popular and folk music. Our Bernstein one hundred year old piano adorns the lounge and is always kept tuned. One or more of the O'Sullivan family of six are nearly always at hand to play an instrument and sing a song. Caitriona, who teaches music and is a former pupil of Dr. Veronica Dunne, is a singer/song writer with a number of singles and a 12 song CD on the Rosette label.

Most of all we pride ourselves on the warmth of our welcome, the friendliness of our patrons and, of course, our superb pint of the black stuff patiently poured to whet your thirsty palate.

Our Smoking area is gas heated. Our lounge can cater for 100 and is a popular venue for 21st birthday parties, christening parties and pub quizzes. The lounge hosts many an impromptu sing song which may occur any night. The bar is a very popular haunt after gaelic matches in nearby Austin Stack Park with many a score played over and over again.


Local Attractions

Tralee boasts a wealth of fabulous beaches within five miles. A very attractive cycle/walkway which extends to Blennerville (2 miles away) is a mere 100 meters from the pub - this is enroute to the Aquadome Water Centre and the Tralee-Blennerville Steam Railway.

Tralee has the Geraldine Experience Centre which depicts life in the 15th century and is open to the public all year round.

Tralee is blessed with a fabulous town park adorned by some very old oak trees, an award winning rose garden, waterfalls and memorials to heroes past.


Whats on Offer:

  • Food
  • Live Music
  • Parties Catered For
  • Pub Quiz
  • Restaurant
  • Sport
  • Transport


  • Beer Garden
  • Car Parking
  • Coach Tours
  • Family Friendly
  • Family Run
  • Function Room
  • High Chairs
  • Open Fire
  • Smoking Area
  • Wheelchair Access
  • WiFi


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"My Munster Bar"

“My Munster Bar”, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

It was the end of summer 2010, on a fast and full journey through the land of “forty shades of green”, that I discovered the place that was meant for me, another home, my Munster Bar, Tralee.
I was brought over the pond that summer by ancestors, otherwise known as “grandparents”. Wonderful and genealogical, they wanted me to discover the same magic that they had in this beautiful island of legend called Ireland. I have learned from them to embody everything memorable about this place and am reminded often that they come here every year!
Once on the island, the locals will say, just “follow the rainbow to get to the end and there it will be in the land of Tralee”. Once there, I soon found it, only a half a mile from the town centre. It’s a magical place, with its warm friendship, fun music and wonderful grub. The Munster Bar, first opened in 1875, is now a drinking establishment owned by the John O’Sullivan family, and is a favorite for locals and tourists with its musical entertainment and typical Irish fare. A one hundred year old piano greets me at the front door along with a warm welcome by one of the four O’Sullivan daughters. She tells me the family loves music so it is always tuned and ready to play. There is often live music by Mike on guitar who leads in Irish sing-a-long while pints of “black stuff” are poured through the night.
The locals soon welcomed me into their fold and I found I had cousins from the same family tree. One of the relatives I met named Paddy Dad, a witty soldier from the “Rising”, spun stories of Munster throughout history. He and his son were once stationed behind the bar at the Ballymullen Army Barracks and it was the British Army’s “Munster Fusiliers” Brigade that gave the pub its name.
Through my visit to Tralee and the Munster Bar, I realized that I had learned everything I needed to know about the culture and way of life of the people of Ireland. The Irish lead a simple but full life because they have a different value system than other cultures. They truly believe that friendship, respect and compassion for others are worth far more than the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Once home in America, I reflected on my experiences in Ireland. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to see a different way of life and I now realize that it is truly a gift to see the world through the eyes of the Irish. My memories will stay with me forever, but, oh how I yearn to return someday to that beautiful land and once again walk through the doors of the famous little pub that shares my story, the beloved Munster Bar, Tralee.

Paul Riley Shea
B.A. Communication Studies, 2012
Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA

Review published 2 September 2012
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