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"Purple Side Dish...?"

In October of 2008, we stayed in Killala, and visited The Tower Bar, on several occasions. Each time we had dinner, we had a very delicious purple side dish. We meant to ask what it was, but between the Guinness, and the various trips to castles ruins, we forgot all about it, but we never did forget the dish. Now, five years later our curiosity is starting to ask again, what was in that dish. Everything about this pub was great, just wished we had made a little more time to ask about the dish. Guess will have to go back soon, to enjoy a few more pints, and few more dinners.

Review published 22 January 2013
Posted by: CubbY!

"Fish & Chips to die for!!"

Had a great meal at the Tower Bar, the fish & chips is exceptional, hard to beat it anywhere in Ireland. Guinness went down easily too - great pint! Very friendly helpful staff.

Review published 12 August 2009
Posted by:

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